Adult Lessons

close up of instrumentBring your passion for music and Andrew Noble will help you express yourself through your violin or viola. All you need is a willingness to learn. Every professional musician was a beginner once.

Andrew appreciates that most people have a project in mind when they start taking lessons. Maybe you want to learn a certain piece, like the Dvorak Sonatina? Or you are interested in a specific style, like playing viola in a rock band? Or maybe you just want to serenade your sweetheart?

Whatever your musical goals, Noble Violin Instruction can help you. Of course, Andrew will also teach you the basics of reading and writing music so that you can complete your project and be a well-rounded musician.

  • 30-minute lesson $35
  • 45-minute lesson $45
  • 1 hour $55

Monday-Wednesday, 3-7 PM

Violin lessons are most effective for adult students who:

  • can practice every day
  • own an instrument that can be tuned and stay in tune
  • can commit to at least three months of lessons

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